Partnering with Skaarhoj to deliver an expansive and versatile eco-system of HMI devices

Providing instant mechanical feedback, whether through the touch of a screen or a physical tactile button.

With IDS you have a solution which maximises efficiency and streamlines workflows. Its strength lies within its ability to integrate with anything and present information to a user in an elegant and intuitive control surface. But touch sometimes needs to be tactile and not just a virtual button. Whether working from home, a remote bureau or the fast paced environment of an MCR, this partnership allows total control.

Integrate with everything

Skaarhoj is a leader in its field and its combination with IDS creates a powerful partnership. Both have an extensive range of integration partners so, regardless of the system you want to control or integrate with, IDS and Skaarhoj can be the control layer to deliver instant input control from your fingertips.  

IDS's innovative UI delivers flexible and intuitive control and feedback for any user and application. Skaarhoj’s tactile control solutions provide instant feedback whether working from muscle memory alone, reaching to recall a pre-set without looking, joystick controlling a PTZ or just to get that reassuring feedback of a button press. 


Unified Control

Both IDS and Skaarhoj are vendor agnostic so can work with any 3rd party system in any market. Through our combined extensive driver database, our partnerships enable integration with and control of almost anything within your technology workflow.    

With remote IP workflows being adopted more than ever,  the ability to deliver an agile and flexible system which can evolve with your business drivers is essential. The collaboration between Densitron and Skaarhoj enables any client to leverage the capabilities of varied workflow practices to deliver a truly flexible control environment, regardless of geographical location.

Remote Control

Flexibility in today’s market is essential and demanded for by the end user. With new working practices in place, technology must evolve and be agile to fulfil the requirements of the end user. Many organisations deliver a hybrid approach to resource and technology allocation: with teams working in different locations and IP infrastructure increasingly adopted, people can now work from anywhere. To deliver this new working practice the systems and technology deployed need to be reliable, easy to use and easy to install. 

Pre-configured solutions can be delivered which integrate directly with critical kit back at base. So, from your home or remote bureau, you can control cameras, router salvos, lights, pedestals, tally’s, timing information and much more.


The flexibility and potential scale of these two systems is almost infinite so any application or use case can be satisfied.

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